Surety Bonds

Understanding the importance of suretyship to a contractor, has a dedicated department specializing in Surety bonds that is made up of a staff with many years of underwriting and marketing experience. Some of the bonds that we provide include:

The Surety Bond Department handles Surety programs ranging from just a few hundred thousand dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars exclusively with “A” rated and Treasury listed Surety companies for a multitude of different contracting specialties such as:

Contract Surety (Bid, Performance/Payment Bonds)
License & Permit
Notary Bonds
Court Bonds
Fiduciary Bonds

General Contractors

Federal Contractors
Underground Utility
Road Building
Structural Steel

Our approach to establishing and maintaining responsive relationships with our clients and their Surety begins with the development, arrangement, and presentation of a Surety submission. The purpose of the approach is to address all the factors and components of the Surety underwriting process. The basic premise is to provide the Surety underwriter with a firm understanding of your company’s past, the construction capabilities of the firm, an understanding of the direction of your business, and the role their Surety support will play in the achievement of your business goals and objectives.

We utilize a proactive approach in negotiation of several key areas:

Information Flow
Response Time
Understanding the Organization’s Strengths
Understanding the Organization’s Goals
Relationship Building with the “Decision Maker” and Underwriter
Single Job and Aggregate Bond Capacity
Surety Resources Available to Contractor
Understanding and Appreciation of the Surety’s Financial Analysis & Key Underwriting Focus Areas

There is an old adage in the Surety business; “When you establish a line of credit, you have a lender. When you utilize the line of credit, your have a creditor. When you maximize the line of credit, you have a PARTNER!” Our role is to establish and maintain that partnership and ensure the relationships remain responsive to your Surety needs.