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Employment Practices

Employment-related lawsuits do not discriminate.

All companies, whether large or small, public or private, are vulnerable to claims brought by their employees, former employees or potential employees. Even the cost of defending fraudulent employment-related claims can be financially devastating.

In the face of this increased risk to your business, it is essential to review your current insurance program to see if you are adequately protected.

It is important to note that comprehensive General Liability policies specifically exclude employment-related claims.

When examining your Employment Practices policy, you need to review and understand some of the following coverage’s or endorsements:

  • Coinsurance Provisions
  • Third Party Liability Included?
  • Deductible versus Self-Insured Retentions?
  • Choice of Counsel
  • Hammer Clauses
  • Retroactive Dates
  • Definition of Named Insured

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