Renters Insurance

Sometimes referred to as rental insurance or apartment insurance, protects the personal property you keep inside your residence. The protection is very similar to the Homeowners Insurance without coverage for an owned dwelling. Some of the protection includes:

There are many ways to write Earthquake Insurance, and you need the right agent to make sure you get the proper coverage.

Consider supplemental Scheduled Property coverage for valuable items of jewelry, art, or collections

Your policy also provides the following personal liability coverage:

Accidental bodily injury caused by you, your immediate family living in your home and even your pets
For lawsuits filed against you seeking covered damages
For accidental damage you cause to someone’s property
For medical bills for someone other than you or your family, who has been in an accident on your property
For covered loss assessed by your condo association to each owner
Coverage limit options of up to $1 million or even more

We can even lend a hand to help you estimate the value of the contents of your apartment